Pink Set! 6 (4in pots)

Pink Set! 6 (4in pots)

25.00 52.00

Each set will come with:

1(4in) Echeveria PVN

1(4in) Echeveria Raindrops 

1(4in) Echeveria Lolita 

1(4in) Echeveria Jules 

1(4in) Graptoveria Debbie 

1(4in) Echeveria Dusty Rose 

-All Black Friday & Cyber Monday sets will be mailed Tuesday 11/27 !

-Live 4in succulents

-Shipped bare roots (Meaning there is not any dirt on the roots. This is to prevent rotting when shipping. Just plant the roots & succulent upon receiving and they will continue to grow)

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