5 favorite succulents to arrange with!

Echeveria PVN is always my go to for arranging! With the vibrant purple hues, PVN is an eye-catching statement! 

Sedum Pink Jelly Beans as a filler.

Sedum Pink Jelly Beans as a filler.

Sedum Pink Jelly Beans are the perfect filler in any arrangement or garden! Pink Jelly Beans thrive best in full sun locations, which keeps their bright pink leaves staying fresh! These also propagate very fast, so any fallen leaves are able to live again! 

Echeveria Blue Prince is another great statement succulent! The dark colors in the leaves stand out when paired with lighter succulents! 

Echeveria Violet Queen clusters are always fun to work with! The tips of the leaves turn pink shades, making them perfect to pair with other pink succulents! 

String of Pearls are the perfect finishing touch! With their cascading beauty, String of Pearls can be used as a focal point, or as a filler!