DIY Succulent Entryway Arrangement


DIY Succulent Entryway Arrangement

I designed this quick & easy arrangement to be the perfect addition to an entryway. The color combination of purple, green, blue, and pink showcase the natural beauty in succulents! 


Arranging Instructions:

  1. Choosing your arrangement vessel is completely custom. I chose a standing pot to give height and volume to my entryway display. After choosing your vessel, start by adding the string of bananas to the front side of your display. The string of bananas should hang over the front of the arrangement. 
  2. Directly behind the bananas, add one Blue Prince and one PVN. These should sit omg the edges of the left & right side of the vessel’s side.
  3. In the back side of the vessel, place the blue curls. 
  4. Any space that is left in the middle, of the arrangement, fill with Crassula Platyphylla Variegata. I used about 3-4 heads.