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Senecio String of Pearls (6-inch Hanging Pot)

Senecio String of Pearls (6-inch Hanging Pot)

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Senecio String of Pearls are petite beauties. With the long, thin strands of pearl shaped succulents. String of Pearls are vibrant green hued. 

This succulent is a perfect 'spilling' succulent in arrangements, adding texture, color, and visual components. 

This succulent is greenhouse grown, so they thrive in bright light locations with in-direct light. String of Pearls grow best when gently watered twice a week! 

-This is a 6in hanging pot, meaning the pot itself measures 6in across the top of the pot. 

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-This succulent is shipped in the hanging pot, with soil. The hanger is taken off to ship easier. Just snap on the hanger when receiving the plant. 

-These pots are first wrapped in protective tissue paper, next bubble wrap, and then with packing paper around the empty edges to ensure safe traveling.