Plant Wall Design Service

Why settle for a garden, when you could have a plant wall! Our team thoroughly customizes each design with plants of your choice to make your home look astonishing. We will provide the plants, pots, soil for the project, and designing the plants into each pot for you.

The buyer is responsible for all pots they want hung and the labor involved with installing the pots into their desired location.

For estimates & more info on pricing, please contact us at

$88 per hanging planter for succulents or tropical plants

( includes all plants & self watering planter )

Succulents prefer to live in part/full sun.
Tropical plants can live indoors as well as in the shade.

A variety of plant walls can be seen throughout the Flower Hill Shopping Center, located in Del Mar, CA.
Here, we have done two tropical plant walls and one two-story succulent wall.


Living Tropical Wall, featured at Flower Hill Shopping Center, San Diego, CA