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Birthday Succulent Set (6 Succulents)
Birthday Succulent Set (6 Succulents)

Birthday Succulent Set (6 Succulents)

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To celebrate Jessica’s birthday (owner of In Succulent Love), we put together a special set of some of my favorite succulents to arrange with!


*Limited stock on these sets, available while supplies last!*

Each set also has only $5 shipping, could it get any better?


Each set comes with 6 (4in) succulents:

-1 Kalanchoe ‘Purple Scallop’ / ‘Lavender Scallops’

-1 Sedum dasyphyllum 'Major'

-1 Sedum Clavatum-hybrid

-1 Pachyveria scheideckeri ‘Jeweled Crown / Blue Tower’

-1 Echeveria ‘Azulita-hybrid’ (cluster)

-1 Echeveria 'Culebra' (cluster)

*pot not included, just succulents* 

*All of these succulents have been greenhouse-grown, and thrive best in bright-light conditions. If kept outside, they grow best in covered light!



-These succulents are shipped bare roots and wrapped in protective tissue paper.

-Bare roots simply means there is none or very little soil on the roots of the succulent. This is to prevent rotting when shipping, and to prevent the succulent getting damaged in the shipping process.

-When you receive the succulent, plant the roots & succulent upon receiving and they will continue to grow.