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Happy Mail Mini Set (8- 2in Succulents)

Happy Mail Mini Set (8- 2in Succulents)

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 Happy Mail Mini Set (8- 2in Succulents)

With all the craziness happening in the world, we wanted to put together a ‘happy mail’ set that is ready to ship & something that can be enjoyed while we are all at home! 

-This set has a limited supply & will ship out same or next day, with USPS priority 2 or 3 day shipping!! 

**Please note, if ordered with other items, it may take a couple days to ship** (if ordered with Stylish Succulent Design book, it will ship ASAP!) 

Each set comes with:
1 (2in) Echeveria Elegans

1 (2in) Echeveria Dusty Rose

1 (2in) Echeveria PVN

1 (2in) Aeonium Kiwi

1 (2in) Graptosedum CA Sunset

1 (2in) Anacampseros Rufescens

1 (2in) Crassula Platyphylla

1 (2in) Sedeveria Blue Elf


-The succulents will be shipped in their pots with soil!