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Happy Mail Set ( 6 - 4in)

Happy Mail Set ( 6 - 4in)

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Happy Mail Set ( 6 - 4in)

With all the craziness happening in the world, we wanted to put together a ‘happy mail’ set that is ready to ship & something that can be enjoyed while we are all at home! 

-This set has a limited supply & will ship out same or next day, with USPS priority 2 or 3 day shipping!! 

**Please note, if ordered with other items, it may take a couple days to ship** (if ordered with Stylish Succulent Design book, it will ship ASAP!) 

Each set comes with:

1 (4in) Echeveria Afterglow

1 (4in) Echeveria Dusty Rose

1 (4in) Echeveria PVN

1 (4in) Echeveria Jules

1 (4in) Graptoveria Debbie

1 (4in) Senecio String of Pearls


All of the succulents will be shipped bare roots, meaning the soil and growing pot are removed, and just the roots and succulent ship. This makes for less damage to the succulent.