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Tillandsia ‘Houston’ *Double Bloom*

Tillandsia ‘Houston’ *Double Bloom*

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Tillandsia ‘Houston’ 

Tillandsia's are air plants, meaning they live without any soil, just in the air! These beautiful botanicals are native to the rainforests in Guatemala. We hand select only the best air plants for our customers, and ensure that none of the plants are treated with any chemicals! 

Air plants thrive by being cared for with water misting twice a week. During the drier months, additional misting is recommended. They thrive best in locations with indirect light, or bright light, but not direct sun. Air plants enjoy the most humid location in your home!

**This is for the exact air plant pictured, a double-bloom!! This plant is about 5in. 


Air plants are shipped in protective tissue paper, and then wrapped in cushion bubble wrap to ensure they travel safe. 

All of our orders are sent via USPS.