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Valentine’s Arranging Set (6 Succulents)

Valentine’s Arranging Set (6 Succulents)

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Valentine’s Arranging Set of 6 Succulents

Its time to celebrate the next holiday, and that’s Valentine’s Day! Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is just 6 weeks away. What better way to kick off the new year, with a vibrant set of succulents! 

Each order comes with one of the following (4in) succulent:

- Echeveria Dusty Rose

-Echeveria Violet Queen

-Echeveria Colorshift

-Echeveria sp. Curly Blue 

-Echeveria sp. Pink Frills 

-Graptosedum California Sunset

 **This set ships free**!!!

All of the succulents will be shipped bare roots, meaning the soil and growing pot are removed, and just the roots and succulent ship. This makes for less damage to the succulent. 

**This is a limited supply set**