Terms & Conditions

I. Products

  1. All products are maintained, cared, and in great condition, prior to shipping the item.

II. Returns

  1. There is a NO RETURN POLICY. Due to the plant being a live product, we can not receive returned products. If there is an issue with the plant, please contact us through email and we will find the best solution.

III. Refunds

  1. We do not issue refunds for products once the order is confirmed and the product has been successfully received by the buyer.

  2. We can only issue a refund if you decide to cancel your order before shipment and have notified us prior to cancelling. We allow 1 hour grace period within placing your order to receive a refund. We strive to send orders out as soon as we can, which in some cases, could be same day turnaround.

  3. If the item is never received, we will issue a refund to you.

IV. Payment

  1. We accept credit card/debit card/Apple Pay/Pay Pal on online sales.

  2. When visiting our store-front in San Diego, we accept cash & all credit/debit card payments are accepted through our Square application payment processor.