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Diy Succulent Wreaths (Wired)

Happy Start of the Holidays!

We love that you have chosen succulent wreaths to be apart of your Holiday season! Succulent wreaths are perfect to hang anywhere inside your home, front door, etc! They only require minimal care, and the succulents can be replanted after you are done enjoying them on the wreath! 

Supplies Needed: 

-Metal Wreath Form 
-Floral Wire
-Sphagnum Moss
-Succulents (cuttings or rooted plants)

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 1. Start by wrapping the floral wire several times around one end of the metal form, almost as if you were tying a knot with the wire, then twist to secure it to the form.

 2. Next, gently mist the sphagnum moss with water. Crafting with wet moss is much easier, and will stick better to the wreath form. 

 3. Add small clumps of the misted moss onto the top of the wreath form. (Make sure this first layer of moss is thin, as we will be adding additional moss!)** Continuing with the same wire attached, wrap the wire around the moss + wreath form. Wrap the wire about one-two fingers width apart from each wrap, so that all the moss is securely attached to the wreath. Continue adding additional moss along the circumference of the wreath form, so the entire wreath has moss. 

 4. With the wire still attached from wrapping the wreath with moss, place the bottom of 1 succulent’s stem on top of the moss-covered wreath and wrap the wire around the stem about four times. Then, add a small chunk of moss on top of the stem and secure the succulent by wrapping the bottom part with wire, just as you attached the moss to the wreath. (Basically, it will be a sandwich of moss, succulent, moss for each succulent!)

 5. Using the same method, continue attaching all of the succulents, one by one, to the wreath. Allow about 1/2in in between each succulent for the succulents to grow. (You can have the succulents closer together if you want too!) **If you would like to add any festive décor, just leave a little room where you would like to add the décor. You can add the décor while adding the succulents, or after you are done!**

 6. To finish the wreath, cut the wire with about 10 inches to spare and wrap that piece of wire around itself to form a knot. Add two knots on top of these to secure, then cut away the loose ends. 


-Mist the wreath with water 1-2x a week.

-The succulents thrive in bright light locations.

-If any succulents become loose, reattach it to the wreath with floral wire and moss. Replanting can also be an option!

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