June 27 Update: We will be holding all orders to ship until after July 4th Weekend, so plants don't get stuck over the holiday weekend! Thanks for your continued support & patience with our small family business!

Living Botanical Walls

Plant Wall Design Service

Living botanical walls are truly living statement pieces, filled with an assortment of colorful succulents or tropical plants. Our team customizes each botanical design to make each living wall unique and extraordinary.

Choosing between Succulents & Tropicals

Succulents thrive in outdoor, sunny or shade locations. Succulents generally need to be watered once every two weeks November-March, and once every 9-10 days April-October.  

Tropicals thrive best inside or in shade only locations. Tropicals need to be watered once every 9-10 days November-March, and once a week April-October.


Each wall planter comes planted and ready to hang in the location of your desire! WallyGro self-watering planters work best for these living walls, measuring (8” H x 11.75” W x 8” D), and available in a variety of colors. These planters come with a divider in the back 1/6th of the planter for easy self-watering features! Each planter comes with a hanger which will need to be screwed directly onto the wall location of your desire. **Please note, the hanging of the hangers will be the buyer’s responsibility. **

Getting Started

To start the process of botanical wall design, determine the location for the living botanical wall. Next, decide on a color pallet for the project, including hanging planter colors. We highly recommend white planters as they really compliment the plants well.

*Please allow minimum of one month from start of consolation to finished project. *

For estimates & more info on pricing, please contact us at insucculentlove@gmail.com


Each standard planted planter is $99. Discounts for large wall orders of 50 or more comes to $88 per planter. Each planter comes with all plants (succulents or tropicals), WallyGro self-watering planter, one screw & hanger per planter, and delivery within San Diego. Delivery charges apply for any area outside of San Diego.

Empty Planters

Each empty planter is $19.95, or 5 for $100!

Each planter comes with:

1 Basket

1 Divider

1 Mounting Bracket

1 Drip Clip (if using irrigation)

1 Anchor

1 Screw

To order, please contact us!


A variety of plant walls can be seen throughout the Flower Hill Shopping Center, located in Del Mar, CA

Photo Booth Walls

Photo booth walls are the perfect addition to any event! Filled with an assortment of colorful succulents or tropical plants, these walls add character to any photo booth! Our team customizes each botanical design to make each living wall unique and extraordinary.