June 27 Update: We will be holding all orders to ship until after July 4th Weekend, so plants don't get stuck over the holiday weekend! Thanks for your continued support & patience with our small family business!

Types of Classes

DIY classes and workshops are the perfect way to create something unique while socializing & having a great time! All of our classes are 100% custom and can be altered to fit your group's needs! 

How It Works

Classes can be either hosted at an event center, restaurant/bar, or your own home. Choose between our project ideas, or contact us with your own project, and we supply everything else! Pre-hosted classes or pay-per person options are available. The part we like most about our classes, is the fact that they are only about 10-15mins of instructions, and then it is all crafting and socializing! We will be there to help assist anyone with their project! All classes come with supplies for each person to make & take their own project. Our classes ranges from 1.5-2 hours, depending on the project chosen. 

Succulent Wreaths 

Succulent wreaths are the most popular classes to take. Choose between a hand-wired succulent wreath, or a grapevine succulent wreath. Prices range $50-$75. These colorful and vibrant wreaths can be enjoyed all year long. We have seasonal options available, and can customize the succulent color pallets.

Grapevine Wreath: Grapevine wreaths are 16in round, and are designed to be filled with succulents on the bottom half, topped with a bow. This class is $55 per person. 

Wired-Wreaths: Wired-wreaths are available in two different sizes: 8in round and 12in round. Both are filled with vibrant succulents all around the wreath.

8in Wreaths are: $45 per person

12in Wreaths are: $65 per person.

*Seasonal pine wreaths are available for the holidays.*

Air Plant Frames

Air plant frames are a great class for budget-friendly nights. Transform a picture frame into a living air plant terrarium. Add various mosses, bark, rocks, and other natural accessories, then top it off with an air plant. Various color selections are available for the frames.

Air Plant Frames: This class is $25 per person for a 5x7 frame.

*Please note, due to the price of this class, we require at lest 15 people. This class is 45 mins.*

Large Air Plant Frames: This class is $45 per person for a 8x11 frame. 

Succulent Pumpkin Centerpieces

Succulent pumpkins are the perfect Fall craft. These classes are offered Sept-Nov. The succulents live on top of the pumpkin, so there is no need to worry about the mess of cutting them open. The best part- these pumpkins last 2-3 months, and then they can be planted into soil to keep living! These make the perfect festive décor for Halloween, and then can be transitioned into a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Traditional Large Orange Pumpkin: Succulent-topped traditional orange pumpkins are $55 per person. 

Large White Pumpkins: Succulent-topped white pumpkins are $60 per person. 

Fairytale Princess Pumpkins: Succulent-topped large fairytale pumpkins are $65 per person. 

Mini Pumpkin Trio: Succulent-topped orange, white, or striped mini pumpkins are $45 per person, with each person making three mini pumpkins.

Succulent Frames

Succulent-filled frames are a great project for a beautiful décor piece! These shadow-box frames are transformed into living art! These frames are 5x7in, and only come available in white.

Succulent Frames: This class is $45 per person. 

Large Parties

Discounts are available for groups larger than 30 people. Please contact us for pricing and more info!