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Dischidia Oiantha Green Cascade
Dischidia Oiantha Green Cascade

Dischidia Oiantha Green Cascade

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Dischidia Oiantha Green Cascade

**July 2022 Update- This item will be available again in August. We are currently making updates! Please leave your email in the restock section to be notified when it is back in stock (:

Dischidia Oiantha Green Cascade is a tropical houseplant. To care for these plants, keep their soil moist by gently watering a couple times a week. These plants need to be kept in a bright-light location inside, out of direct sunlight. 

*Limited Plant* - Limited plants are special-buys that we do not carry and stock on a regular basis. This means that we only buy a handful of these special plants, and when they are out, they are out! So act fast, supplies are limited!


-This plant is shipped ‘semi-soil’ and wrapped in protective tissue paper.

-‘Semi-Soil’ simply means there is very little soil on the roots of the plant. This is to prevent rotting when shipping, and to prevent the plant getting damaged in the shipping process.

-When you receive the plant, plant the roots & plant upon receiving and they will continue to grow!

-All of our orders are shipped using USPS or FedEx shipping. Once we package the order, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking.

-Due to the fragile nature of the leaves, there will be some bruised leaves. Just pluck these off to make room for new leaves to grow & your plant will thrive!