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Dwarf Zamicro ZZ Plant

Dwarf Zamicro ZZ Plant

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Dwarf Zamicro ZZ Plant

**July 2022 Update- This item will be available again in August. We are currently making updates! Please leave your email in the restock section to be notified when it is back in stock (:

Dwarf Zamicro ZZ Plant, is a smaller version of the traditional ZZ plant. The leaves are shorter in computation and the plant doesn’t grow to be as big. This is a hybrid of the ZZ plant. This plant is one of the easiest houseplants to care for, and can thrive in bright light- low light! To care for these plants, keep their soil moist by gently watering a couple times a week. 

*Limited Plant* - Limited plants are special-buys that we do not carry and stock on a regular basis. This means that we only buy a handful of these special plants, and when they are out, they are out! So act fast, supplies are limited!


-This plant is shipped a couple of different methods, depending on where it is traveling to. Depending on the other items in the order, it may ship semi-bare root to keep the plant safer, or it may be shipped in its pot. **If ordered outside the  Continental US (lower 48 states), it will be shipped bare roots.

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