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Cliff Cotyledon Pendens
Cliff Cotyledon Pendens
Cliff Cotyledon Pendens
Cliff Cotyledon Pendens

Cliff Cotyledon Pendens

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Cliff Cotyledon Pendens

**July 2022 Update- This item will be available again in August. We are currently making updates! Please leave your email in the restock section to be notified when it is back in stock (:

*2022 update- please see last photo for current pot size**

Cliff Cotyledon Pendens has chalky, green & white leaves, with slight red tips. 

This succulent is a perfect 'spilling' succulent in arrangements, adding texture, color, and visual components. 

This succulent is greenhouse grown, so they thrive in bright light locations with in-direct light. HB Cliff Cotyledon Pendens does best when gently watered twice a week! 


-This succulent is shipped ‘bare roots’ and wrapped in protective tissue paper.

-‘Bare roots’ simply means there is none or very little soil on the roots of the succulent. This is to prevent rotting when shipping, and to prevent the succulent getting damaged in the shipping process.

-When you receive the succulent, plant the roots & succulent upon receiving and they will continue to grow!

-All of our orders are shipped using USPS or FedEx shipping. Once we package the order, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking.

Cotyledon Pendens:  Leaf-Loss

Cotyledon Pendens is one of the most fragile plants we ship, which makes it so difficult to find sellers that are willing to ship. This succulent will experience a bit of leaf-loss during transit since the leaves are so delicate. No need to worry, the leaves will grow back on the plant’s vines. The leaves can be saved to propagate more succulents.