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Hoya Australis Wreath
Hoya Australis Wreath
Hoya Australis Wreath

Hoya Australis Wreath

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Hoya Australis Wreath 

-These lovely seasonal wreaths are a planted Hoya Australis Plant, shaped around a round wreath form. The plant will continue to grow around the form. 

-Hoya plants are close cousins to succulents, meaning they hold water in their waxy leaves. Hoyas thrive in bright-light locations, but out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves of the Hoya plants. Hoyas make great plants for indoors!

-To care for your Hoya wreath, simply most the soil with water 2x a week or when dry. Or you can water the pot gently with water when dry (about once a week or every 10 days).

-When the Hoya continues climbing above the wreath form, simply wrap the vines around the form. Snipping the longer vines that outgrow the wreath can be another option. Once the vines are shipped, you can plant the cuttings in a separate pot to have them grow new plants too! 

Hoya Plants:

Hoya plants are the perfect gateway plant from succulents into houseplants! Hoyas have thick and waxy leaves, meaning they have similar care to succulents. Hoyas are known for their fragrant blooms, but also vibrant leaves. Hoyas thrive in bright, indirect light. They can be kept inside year-round, or outside when temps are above 40/45 degrees at the coldest part of the night. To care for these plants, water when the soil is dry. Humidifiers and grow lights work great with hoyas, but are not a requirement. The brighter the indirect light is, the more colorful and sun-stressed your hoya's leaves will be!

Wreath & Plant Measurements:

-The plant is growing in a 6in pot 

-The wreath measures 11in across, and 12in tall.

-From the bottom of the pot to the top of the wreath is 16.5in

Upgraded ‘Festive’ Option: ($8 per wreath)

-To upgrade the wreath to ‘festive’, please select this option at checkout.  The ‘festive’ option will include the plant basket, metal sign, and fairy lights

-The fairy lights are battery operated and come with batteries. They have a small on/off switch.

-The basket measures 8.5in tall and is lined with plastic to prevent leaking when watering. 

-The sign options are ‘Welcome’, ‘Harvest’, or ‘Thankful’. Limited supplies of each. The sign is a galvanized metal material. To hang the sign from the wreath, use a piece of string, fishing line, floral wire, twine, etc. You can also stick it in between the wreath. **To specify your sign, please put this in the note section at checkout, or send us an email** Signs will vary between the three sayings.

*The fairy lights and sign will be mailed in the box and can be added to decorate the wreath when you receive it.*

*Limited Plant* - Limited plants are special-buys that we do not carry and stock on a regular basis. This means that we only buy a handful of these special plants, and when they are out, they are out! So act fast, supplies are limited!

Holiday Shipping: 

For this specific item, please order by the following date for delivery by: 

Christmas (12/25): please order by: 12/15


-This special wreath is shipped in its growing pot with soil. It will be wrapped in protective tissue paper and packing material.

-Due to the fragile nature of this wreath, there may be a couple of bruised leaves. Just ship these off and let the plant flourish with more leaves. 

-All of our orders are shipped using USPS or FedEx shipping. Once we package the order, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking.