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Hoya Shepherdii
Hoya Shepherdii
Hoya Shepherdii
Hoya Shepherdii

Hoya Shepherdii

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Hoya Shepherdii

*this is a special stock, and may not be restocking.*

**This plant is fully rooted, however, the plant may be a little loose in the soil. These are starter pots.**

Hoya Shepherdii displays gorgeous, thick, long, vibrant green leaves! 

-This plant is greenhouse-grown in San Diego. This means that it was grown with covered and filter light. This plant will thrive best in a bright-lit location, out of direct harsh sun.

*Limited Plant* - Limited plants are special-buys that we do not carry and stock on a regular basis. This means that we only buy a handful of these special plants, and when they are out, they are out! So act fast, supplies are limited!

Hoya Plants:

Hoya plants are the perfect gateway plant from succulents into houseplants! Hoyas have thick and waxy leaves, meaning they have similar care to succulents. Hoyas are known for their fragrant blooms, but also vibrant leaves. Hoyas thrive in bright, indirect light. They can be kept inside year-round, or outside when temps are above 40/45 degrees at the coldest part of the night. To care for these plants, water when the soil is dry. Humidifiers and grow lights work great with hoyas, but are not a requirement. The brighter the indirect light is, the more colorful and sun-stressed your hoya's leaves will be!


-This plant is shipped a couple of different methods, depending on where it is traveling to and what other plants may be in the box. We want to keep the plant as safe as possible! 

-This plant will be shipped in its growing pot with soil *OR* it will be shipped semi-soil without soil. 

-‘Semi-Soil’ means that there will be a small amount of soil on the roots of the plant, but not shipped in the growing pot with soil. 

 -All of our orders are shipped using USPS & FedEx shipping. Once we package the order, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking.