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Peperomia Columbiana

Peperomia Columbiana

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Peperomia Columbiana

Peperomia Columbiana is a tropical houseplant. This specific variety is known for the unique patterns on their leaves. To care for these plants, keep their soil moist by gently watering a couple times a week. These plants need to be kept in a bright-light location inside, out of direct sunlight. 

*Limited Plant* - Limited plants are special-buys that we do not carry and stock on a regular basis. This means that we only buy a handful of these special plants, and when they are out, they are out! So act fast, supplies are limited!

 About Peperomia:

-Peperomia have quickly become one of my personal favorite plants to have on display around my home. Peperomia are especially easy plants to take care of, that thrive indoors. Peperomia are a cross between succulents and tropical plants. Depending on the type of peperomia, some have thicker leaves like succulents and some have thinner leaves like tropical plants. 

-Peperomia Columbiana has medium leaves that are semi-thick.


Tropical plants thrive in bright-light locations, but kept indoors. Gently mist the plants 2x a week, or more/less if needed given your climate. These specific peperomia prefer to have their soil almost dry in between watering.   Tropical plants can be grown outside in covered shade areas, but only during warmer months if it gets cold where you live. For best growing advice, we recommend researching growing recommendations in your area. 


-This plant is shipped ‘bare roots’ and wrapped in protective tissue paper.

-‘Bare roots’ simply means there is none or very little soil on the roots of the plant. This is to prevent rotting when shipping, and to prevent the plant getting damaged in the shipping process.

-When you receive the plant, plant the roots & plant upon receiving and they will continue to grow!

-All of our orders are shipped using USPS or FedEx shipping. Once we package the order, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking.

-Tropical plants with thin leaves can sometimes bruise while in transit. No need to worry, the plants will continue to grow new fresh leaves!